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November 3, 2017 9am to 2pm

Admission $1 per person

Step out of the bus and walk back in time. Spend a day in the 1860s.


 Artillery Demonstration - You will see exactly how the cannon is loaded as you watch a step by step drill, learn about the type of shot that was fired, what its uses were, and the range of the cannons. And then hear the cannons ROAR as you watch them load and actually fire.

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Infantry Demonstration - Marching, marching and more marching that was the life of an infantryman. Learn how the different maneuvers were used in battle, and what types of firing techniques were used.

 Mounted Cavalry Demonstration - Horses don't know how to march do they? Well maybe not but their riders do know how to move in formations. Learn how these formations were used in the battle and what the life of a cavalry man was like. You might even get to see a few maneuvers demonstrated.

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Dismounted Cavalry Demonstration - What happened to a soldier if he lost his horse? Hear how his life changed and learn about the weapons of the time period as the troops demonstrate loading and firing 1860 weapons.

Medical Demonstration - Less than half of the troops died in battle. What killed the rest of them? Learn about battle injuries, disease and yes even surgery during the Civil War. You will also get a chance to see a period hospital, surgical instruments, and doctors office.

Home Life Demonstration - How did they do laundry? Cook their food? Clean house? What did they do for fun? Learn this and more as people talk about daily life in the 1860s.

Sutler Demonstration - Just what is a sutler anyway and what role did they fill for the troops? Find out all about the sutlers, what they did, how they traveled and maybe even a thing or two about ice cream. Teachers, several of the sutlers will be open for the children to purchase souvenirs during the day.

 Music Program - Dancing was one of the most popular forms of entertainment during the 1860s. Hear period dance music performed by a live band. Learn the origin of their unusual instruments. Hear patriotic songs of the day. Learn how music helps keep history alive even today.

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 Flags of the Civil War - Did you know there was more than one national flag of the Confederate States of America? See all the national flags and learn why each one was adopted. Learn the difference between a battle flag and a "national" flag. See the "Bonnie Blue" the first flag raised over the Confederate States of America.

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Blacksmith - Watch as a blacksmith actually creates useful objects on a portable forge. Learn why, not one, but several blacksmiths would travel with the army.

Each station lasts about 20 minutes. The entire program will take about 4 hours (including time for lunch.) School Classes and Home School Groups Welcome Preregistration recommended for the event to insure a time slot. Preregistration for the special school lunch deal is required.

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Fort Richardson State Park and Historic Site

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